Your Consideration May give Life to Many Children

You can provides therapy for children with Mental retardation, AUTISM, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disabilities, Pervasive Developmental Disorders and other alike developmental disorders. This center came into existence Oct 2000.

Our vision is to reach, as many special needs children as possible and help then lead a near normal life. It is estimated that 3% to 8% of the population has any one of the Disability condition.

Awareness among parents about these types of disorders is very less in INDIA. My focused area of service is “Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified(PDD NOS)”. At Present, this center provides Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, Diet regulations & Floortime therapy for children with disabilities. This is provided in one on one basis and children gain skills like self-help, toileting, speech, communications and overcome behavioral problems like pinching, spitting, hand flapping, spinning, head banging and other self-injurious behaviors.

We have formed a Charitable trust-You CAN (You Change Autism Now)-through which we are planning to provide the above specified therapy in bare minimum cost and to create more awareness about Autism and other disabilities.

This center is functioning at Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu, South India where awareness regarding many disabilities lack. We focus mainly on Autism Spectrum Disorders & Pervasive Developmental Disorders. There is a myth in Tamil Nadu that some male children speak only around 4+ , and so these , autistic kids are in the psychologists office only after 4 . Ironically Autism affects boys and girls in the ratio of 4:1.Hence we also have responsibility to create awareness among people about these disabilities, their symptoms and characteristics.

Parents are provided with guidance and counseling. They are also trained how to handle their kids outside structured environment. And they are also give training for play way therapy.

We are looking for your support to maintain and develop the Trust. As a recommended therapy style of 1:1, this therapy costs too high. Because of this cost factor , many parents are not starting or continuing this therapy till recommended date. It is estimated that approximately $150 per month is spent on a child to give this type of 1:1 therapy.So only those parents who are economically well to do can train their children, but other poor and lower middle class people are left out as such with their disabled children.

These children have problem to perceive senses in an organized way , which is said to be sensory integration dysfunction. Hence they need many special features in the infra structure like sound proof class rooms etc. we lack fund for such facilities by which we can provide better therapy and also we lack space to provide out door games like sand play, slide etc. At present we provide Sensory Integration Therapy with already available equipment which are modified a little. Since people are from different place with different background, they are in need of hostel facility through which trust can take care about the kid A to Z.

Now 70 children are getting benefit of this. It may be less than a 0.2% for the actual requirement. Also the future(vision) plan is to provide home and hostel facilities for people.

Our Request

The problems faced by these children and the concerns of their parents certainly need a special attention. You CAN, a public charitable trust is seeking support from empathetic and kind people who are willing to contribute to this noble cause.

It is a modest effort from the members of this charitable trust to streamline the support from willing people and you too can create a difference in the lives of these precious children by donating generously. Please help us to give them a hope and future.

Cheques Can be made in favour of "you can charitable trust" and donations are exempted under section 80G of the income tax act 1961.