Communication Therapy

PECS is designed to teach functional communication with an initial focus on spontaneity. It has been and continues to be implemented in a variety of settings (home, school, community) so users have the skills to communicate their wants and needs. PECS begins with teaching a student to exchange a picture of a desired item with a teacher/communicative partner, who immediately honors the request. After the student learns to spontaneously request for a desired item, the system goes on to teach discrimination among symbols and then how to construct a simple sentence. In the most advanced phases, individuals are taught to respond to questions and to comment. PECS is usually to be combined with elements of behavior analysis.

* PECS helps rather than hinder the development of speech.

* PECs has many positive benefits, including improvement of social communication skills, increases spoken words and decreases problem behaviors in individuals with developmental disabilities.

* PECS, highly helps children in communication

* Augmentative communication has become a part of rehabilitation for children with various disorders

* Helping these children to communicate linguistically or non-linguistically becomes crucial