YOU CAN is a non-profit voluntary organization rendering service for the differently abled children since 2000.


To reach as many special needs children as possible and help them lead a near normal life.


To reach a valid learning with special education, various therapies, and other rehabilitation services for children with neurological disorders.

To create a barrier free environment - attitudinal and educational to create opportunities for education, employment and socialization for persons with neurological disorders,empower families of individuals with children with neurological disorders.


 Personal attention to children

 Co-curricular activities

 Clean, ventilated and structured classrooms

 Many therapies and facilities under one roof

 Behavior modification techniques followed throughout the day

 One to one teacher’s student ratio

 One to five group ratio


 Separate blocks, classrooms and departments for children with autism, mental retardation, learning disabilities /dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and EARLY INTERVENTION


1. AUTISM is a neurological disorder and characterized by impaired social interaction, problems with communication and severely limited activities and interests

2. LEARNING DISABILITIES known popularly as dyslexia is an inability to interpret what children see and hear to link information from different parts of brain and can affect learning to read, write or do maths

3. ADD/ADHD is also a neurological disorder with characteristic behavior such as inattention, hyper activity and impulsivity